Step your way into Property Investment Series: Step 1

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People need somewhere to live. You can profit by meeting that need. To do this successfully requires research and following a proven formula. Below are two ways to make money from property:

  1. Subdividing and developing an existing property.
  2. Buying, subdividing and developing a new property.

This four part series will outline the formula to guide your through Property Investment. If you already own a property that is suitable for subdividing, congratulations! You’re halfway there.


  1. Only build what the market will pay for, not what you’d like to live in. Keep the extras for your own home.
  2. Focus on your end target, is it building to sell or building to hold. Make sure that your product appeals to a broad cross section of which ever segment you choose.
  3. Determine what price you can sell the finished product for before committing to buy. This also applies if you are choosing to hold.
  4. Calculate: buying costs, finance cost, interest, demolition, plans & approvals, subdivision.
  5. Add in the cost to build, marketing costs to sell, a contingency factor, professional advice.
  6. Allow for a realistic profit margin.
  7. Now you can calculate how much you can afford to pay for the property.

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Disclaimer:  Best Price Building Solutions does not provide financial advice. The information provided is of a general nature only. You are advised to seek professional advice from a qualified a financial consultant or accountant before taking any action based on the information provided.
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