Who does a Builder Broker work for?

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A Builder Broker works for their client. Simple.

If you are building a home, why use a building broker?

  • An insurance broker finds the best insurance policy for their client’s needs.
  • A finance broker finds the best finance deal for their client’s needs.
  • A building broker finds the best building deal for their client’s situation.

People save hundreds of dollars on insurance premiums when they use an insurance broker.  They save thousands of dollars using a finance broker to find the best loan.  They can save time, money and stress by using a building broker to assist them to get the best building deal rather than dealing directly with a builder themselves, knowing that the builder holds all the cards.

In the same way the insurance broker is paid a commission by the company with whom the policy is placed, and the finance broker is paid a commission by the chosen lender, the building broker is paid a fee by the builder with whom a building contract is negotiated.

In spite of the evidence to the contrary some people think that using a building broker adds to their cost when in reality a broker can get them a better deal, with less stress and save them money to boot. An experienced building broker can add significant value with a knowledge of procedures, building, planning and negotiation. Within the context of a building contract various tasks need to be undertaken. Far better that the person undertaking those tasks has your interests at heart, rather than the builders.

If you or someone you know is contemplating building, a no obligation chat costs nothing and can make all the difference.

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