"Clients who use my 4 step process are empowered."
- Jon Carey, Best Price & Building Solutions

Get the Best Information For Your Building Project

The information gained keeps you in control. The fact that it doesn’t cost you anything is fantastic.

Building without this information is like driving down a busy road with your eyes closed.

Call me on 0412 025 528 or send me an email before you build. It won’t cost you anything, but it may save you thousands.

– Jon Carey, Director

My 4 step process will support you to achieve the building outcome you want.

Step One

  • No obligation meeting to discuss your project
  • Visit to your site
  • Design an initial house plan
  • Review your goals

Step Two

  • Provide a preliminary engineer’s report
  • Draw the house plans
  • Obtain 6-star energy assessment
  • Apply for planning approval
  • Prepare a budget estimate

Step Three

  • Prepare quotation details
  • Request building quotes
  • Evaluate quotes
  • Discuss selections
  • Choose builder

Step Four

  • Sign fixed price building contract
  • Commence construction
  • Monitor process
  • Hand over completed project

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